What are the Most Important Features of Dwarfism?

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  • Dwarfism occurs when there is generalized deficiency of anterior pituitary secretion(pan hypopituitarism) during childhood.
  • All the physical parts of the body develop in appropriate proportion to one another, but the rate of development is greatly decreased.
  • A child who has reached the age of 10 years may have the bodily development of a child aged 4 to 5 years, and the same person at age 20 years may have the bodily development of a child aged 7 to 10 years/
  • A person with pan hypopituitary dwarfism does not pass through puberty and never secretes sufficient quantities of gonadotropic hormones to develop adult sexual functions..
  • In one third of such dwarfs, however, only growth hormone is deficient; these persons do mature sexually and occasionally reproduce.
  • In one type of dwarfism (the African pygmy and the Lévi-Lorain dwarf), the rate of Growth Hormone secretion is normal or high, but there is a hereditary inability to form somatomedin C (IGF-1), which is a key step for the promotion of growth by Growth hormone.
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