The Most Important Differences between Dwarfism and Cretinism

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What is the Difference between Dwarfism and Cretinism?


Dwarfism occurs when there is generalized deficiency of anterior pituitary secretion(pan hypopituitarism) during childhood.


Cretinism is caused by the deficiency of Thyroid Hormone in new born babies.

Factors that can cause Dwarfism (other than Growth Hormone)

  • Hypothyroidism in babies just after birth. This is known as Cretinism.
  • It can occur in patients with precocious puberty.
  • In syndrome of gonadal dysgenesis seen in patients who have an XO chromosomal pattern instead of an XX or XY pattern.
  • Various bone & metabolic diseases also cause stunted growth, and in many cases there is no known cause (“constitutional delayed growth”).
  • Chronic abuse and neglect in children, independent of malnutrition. This condition is known as Psychosocial dwarfism or the Kaspar Hauser syndrome.
  • Finally, Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism in humans. It is characterized by short limbs with a normal trunk.
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