What are the Most Important Features of Acromegaly?

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  • Acromegaly is the abnormality that is due to increased secretion of the Growth hormone after the puberty.
  • The usual cause is a macroadenoma.
  • In acromegaly the bones can become thicker and the soft tissues continue to grow.
  • Growth is specially marked in bones of the hands & feet and, in the membranous bones.
  • The membranous bones include cranium, nose, bosses on the forehead, supraorbital ridges, lower jawbone, and portions of the vertebrae.
  • The jaw grows and the teeth are widely spaced.
  • The lower jaw protrudes forward, sometimes as much as half an inch.
  • The forehead slants forward due to the excess development of the supraorbital ridges.
  • The nose increases to as much as twice the normal size.
  • The feet require size 14 or larger shoes and,
  • The fingers become extremely thickened, so that the hands are almost twice normal size.
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