What are the Most Important Effects of Thyroid Hormone?

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  • The Thyroid hormone has Calorigenic effect  (thermogenesis).
  • Thyroxine increases cellular metabolism. As a result the BMR is increased.
  • The Thyroid Hormone stimulates RNA synthesis.
  • The increase in RNA synthesis will result in the increase in protein synthesis.
  • The higher concentration of T3 causes protein catabolism which results in negative nitrogen balance.
  • The Thyroid Hormone increases Gluconeogenesis.
  • The Thyroid Hormone also increases the carbohydrate oxidation.
  • The Thyroid Hormone increase the metabolism of Fatty acids.
  • Cholesterol degradation is increased by the thyroid hormone.

In the next topic we will discuss the conditions that are caused by the abnormalities of thyroid hormones.


These abnormalities may either be due to hypersecretion of the Thyroid Hormones or hyposecretion or absence of the Thyroid Hormones,

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