What is the Most Important Defect in Xeroderma Pigmentosum?

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Xeroderma Pigmentosum

  • This disease is an example of formation of Thymine dimers.
  • There are Thymine bases that are adjacent to each other.
  • Due to ultra-violet radiation sometimes two Thymine bases form a dimer with each other by forming a covalent bond.
  • There is an enzyme that is called Excision endonuclease. 
  • This enzyme recognizes the lesion and excises the Thymine dimer that is formed due to UV light.
  • Other pyrimidines can also form dimers like cytosine-cytosine dimer and uracil-uracil dimer. But they are not clinically relevant.
  • This disease occurs when an individual inherits a defective copy of the enzyme Excision endonuclease.
  • This is a autosomal recessive disease that means that the individual must have copies of mutant genes from both parents.
  • The excised part is then replaced by DNA polymerase.
  • DNA ligase then comes in to repair the remaining part.


Patient will have the following symptoms:

  • Patient will be very pale because he will be sensitive to UV light.
  • There will be a lot of freckles on skin due to sensitivity to UV light.
  • They will have multiple skin cancers and
  • They will also suffer from corneal ulcerations.
  • These patients have to live a vampire like life and cannot expose themselves to sun.
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