What are 5 Most Important Deficiency Manifestations of Vitamin A?

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When deficiency of Vitamin A occurs, following manifestations may appear:

1. Nyctalopia or Night Blindness

  • Visual Activity is decreased in dim light, cannot read/drive in poor light.
  • Dark adaptation time is increased.

2. Xerophthalmia

  • Conjunctiva becomes dry, thick & wrinkled.
  • Corneal ulceration may develop.
  • The cornea gets keratinized and loses its transparency (keratomalacia).

3. Bitot’s Spots

  • Greyish white triangular patches on conjunctiva start to form.
  • These are called Bitot’s spots.
  • These are reversible if treated early.

4. Keratinization of Skin & Mucous Membrane

  • Follicular hyperkeratosis results from hyperkeratinization of the epithelium lining.
  • The follicles, skin is rough.
  • Gastrointestinal, Respiratory & Genitourinary tracts have keratinizing metaplasia.
  • Epithelium is atrophied.
  • Urinary calculi due to keratinization of epithelium may form.

5. Growth retardation

  • Skeletal growth retardation can be seen due to the defective synthesis of chondroitin sulfate.
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