Vitamin B12- A Very Important Part of Diet.

Cobalamin or Vitamin B12  is also known as the Extrinsic Factor of Castle (EF) Anti-Pernicious Anemia Factor.

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Chemistry and Structure

  • Vitamin B12 is water soluble, heat stable and red in color.
  • It contains 4.35% cobalt by weight.
  • It contains one cobalt atom. Four pyrrole rings coordinated with a cobalt atom is called a Corrin ring that is very similar to the Porphyrin ring.
  • The 5th valency of the cobalt is covalently linked to a substituted benzimidazole ring. This is then called cobalamin.
  • The 6th valency of the cobalt is satisfied by any of the following groups:
  1. Cyanide – when cyanide is added to R, Cyanocobalamin
  2. Hydroxyl – when hydoxyl group is added to R, it is Hydroxycobalamin
  3. Adenosyl – when it is taken up by the cells deoxy-adenosyl cobalamin is formed
  4. Methyl group when methyl group replaces adenosyl group then methyl cobalamin is formed.

1. Cyanocobalamin

  • When cyanide is added at the R position, the molecule is called cyanocobalamin.
  • During the isolation procedure, cyanide is added to get stable crystals.
  • The CN group has no physiological function, it is only a laboratory artefact.
  • Oral preparations are in this form.

2. Hydoxycobalamin

  • When hydroxyl group is attached at the R position, it is called hydroxy cobalamin or vitamin B12a.
  • Injectable preparations are in this form.

3. Adenosylcobalamin (Ado-B12)

  • When taken up by the cells, the above groups are removed and deoxy adenosyl cobalamin or Ado-B12 is formed.
  • This is the major storage form, seen in liver.

4. Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12)

  • When the methyl group replaces adenosyl group, it is known as …

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